Things To Do:
Shopping and Dining

One of the most important parts to any holiday is shopping - how else are you going to remember your wonderful time here if you forgot your camera? The Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames is made up of towns and villages, each with their own unique history and shopping experiences. There are high-streets with well-known brand and chain stores, as well as proud independent shops standing side-by-side. Explore a little further and you're bound to find quaint village streets, not far from the main stores, each with their own, personal flavour.

Speaking of 'flavour', dining is another experience unique to each town and village; some establishments date to as far back as a few centuries, such as the Original Maids of Honour at Kew. There is evidently a diverse selection of places to eat and you really will be spoilt for choice as you come across the myriad of cafes, restaurants and pubs that dot the Borough's streets. Pop in for a Mediterranean Tapas, Traditional Fish 'n' Chips, Tasty Curry, Delicious Oriental Cuisine or a Simple, Hearty Meal at the local pub.