Things To Do:
Places Of Interest

Among the abundance of activities and places to visit and discover, there are also a few hidden gems - Places of Interest - that you can visit to learn more about the culture of Richmond, both past and present. Below is a list of some of these places.

Garricks Temple to Shakespeare

Commissioned and built by David Garrick in the mid-18th Century, it was restored in 1999 and honours both Shakespeare, and since the restoration, Garrick.

Kilmorey Mausoleum

Built for the mistress, Priscilla Hoste, of the second Earl of Kilmorey in the mid-19th Century. It has been extensively restored over the years, and the surrounding area is home to natural wildlife.

London Wetland Centre

One of the most important conservation projects, opened in the early 2000's, it is thriving with a huge variety of natural wildlife residing in its broad range of habitats. There are guided walks and activities available throughout the year.

Sir Richard Burtons Tomb

The resting place of the great explorer and linguist, Sir Richard Francis Burton and his wife Isabel Arundell.