Great River Race:
Spectator Boat Tickets

We are very excited to present Spectator Boat Tickets for the Great River Race! If you are a competitor, you can view our competitor plans here.

The Viscount

Route: Isle of Dogs - Ham
Depart: 13.05 (12.35 boarding)
Arrive: 16.35 approx.

Ticket Prices
Adult: £27.00 | Child*: £12.00

The Viscount will depart promptly from Masthouse Terrace Pier, travelling with the Race until Hammersmith Bridge where it will anchor up and wait for most of the competitors to pass, before continuing on with the main body. The boat will steam past the Finish line, turn around and cruise back to tie up at Richmond Landing Stage.

Light lunches will be available on board and guests have access to a licensed bar (cash only).

MV Connaught

Route: Richmond - Hammersmith - Richmond
Depart: 14.00 (13.30 boarding)
Arrive: 18.00 approx.

Ticket Prices
Adult: £28.00 | Child*: £12.00

The MV Connaught will leave from Richmond to meet the Race at Hammersmith Bridge, where it will wait and return with the main body of the Race. The boat will moor at St Helena's Pier (at Captain's discretion), where spectators will be treated to a prime view as competitors go by to the Finish line.

Lunch can be arranged if specially requested at time of booking, however guests are allowed to bring their own meals - there is a bar (cash only) providing drinks and snacks.

Windrush 46

Route: Flexible
Depart: Flexible
Arrive: Flexible

The Windrush 46 is a splendid vessel perfect for private/corporate groups or parties; as such the route and times can be arranged to suit your needs. The vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 12 passengers - catering can be arranged or prepared on board, as there is a kitchen.

Prices for the Windrush 46 start from £500.00 per hour to £1500.00 for five hours or more.

Please note, tickets are subject to availability. Also, children under 6 years of age travel FREE!

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* Child under 16 years