About Richmond:

A suburban town located between The Hamptons and Twickenham, it has a rich history of continued development over the years. The origin of the name is derived from the name of an Old English tribal leader, Tuda, and has been known in Saxon and Norman times as 'Todyngton' and 'Tutington', with 'Ton' meaning 'Farmstead/Settlement'. The town was not mentioned in the Domesday Book, as at that time it was listed under Hampton as the two had a combined approximate population of 200.

Historically, the population of Teddington had remained relatively steady and consisted of mainly farmland. In the 17th and 18th Centuries, many wealthy businessmen retired to this rural retreat, but it was not quite as popular when compared to Twickenham. Eventually, two factors occurred that had an impact on the population, causing it to surge dramatically by 1901. These were first in 1861 when the manor had been sold to developers who built more roads and residences, and second in 1863 the railway was introduced to the town thus creating convenient transport links.

Today the town is mostly residential, but has a continuous road of shops, offices and other facilities running from the river to Bushy Park. Teddington Studios and the Haymarket Group make up the media hub, while the National Physical Laboratory, the National Weights and Measures Laboratory and the LGC make up the scientific hub. The rest of the offices on the road operate in industries such as Marketing and IT. Teddington is home to Teddington Rugby Football Club and the Lensbury Hotel, which also has facilities as a sports and social club and operates on a members-only basis - though they are also able to accommodate conferences.