About Richmond:

More commonly known as 'East Sheen', it's earliest mentioning is in AD950 as 'Sceon', which means 'Shed' or 'Shelters' and was desginated separately from the neighboring Shene. The tranquil, residential suburb is located to the south of Mortlake, and has a number of parks and open spaces. Among these are the splendid Richmond Park, which can be accessed by Sheen Gate. There are also two commons that lead into the park: Palewell Common, which has a number of activities and sporting grounds, and Sheen Common, which is a National Trust Property that also has sporting grounds, but also woodland used to encourage natural wildlife.

Sheen has a good number of shops in the area and is in good proximity to the neighbouring town of Richmond, and villages such as Kew. There are also a lively programme of events that take place at the Sheen Lane Centre, and a number of easily accessible heritage and cultural attractions.